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Paso Wine Nerds

“In a Paso Wine Nerds blind tasting of Central Coast Rose’s, Circle B Vineyard & Cellars 2015 Rosé de Garnacha scored a 92.67 score to top all others and be selected top rosé of the night.”

Paso Robles Daily

June 5th 2019

Best Paso Robles Wines for the Summer-Rose

Chosen to be a winner for best Summer Rose is 2017 Circle B Vineyards Rose de Garnacha -$20.00

Rose Colored with flavors of melon, lychee, and strawberry with a soft mouthfeel.


by Stephen McConnell

You can *kinda* see through this wine... it's not completely pitch-black, but pretty close. Black ruby with a minuscule pink rim. Big heady perfume, rich and dark. The concentration on this thing doesn't mess around, coming at you full-bore with fat juicy dripping black cherry and generous oak. Sweet and nutty in the nose, it reeks of decadence. Lots of air brings out a milk-chocolate note not *quite* earthy enough to call cola.

Funny how PV can be. I had one last week that was fairly structured. I've had them so oblique they are hard to drink--impossible young. I had a glass of one the other day made by a huge winemaker definitely aimed at the 99, with disgustingly sweet fruit and a fuzzy blanket of toasty oak covering everything. I'm hoping this one isn't *designed* like that, but it smells good enough to come close.

In the mouth, yes, happily: NOT as sweet and soft as the one I mentioned, but definitely jam-packed with lush RIPE berry. Clean and nice, extremely rich, not much acid, just a tannic pang underlying everything. Beautiful finish, smoky and layered nicely between the fruit and structure. I expected a little heat, but now am feeling like this might not be as ripe as I suspected. I'm guessing this thing is WELL under 15-oh. Clean, chalky-bitter and nice for ever and ever.

Brand new winery, been growing grapes for a while and decided to bite off on their own label. Nice folks too. This is a well-made wine, top-to-bottom, and it should be his most popular.

2016 CIRCLE B VINEYARD & CELLARS Petit Verdot Shale Oak Vyd Paso Robles California 13.7









Full Circle

by Stephen McConnell


Dark and brooding with an abrupt edge, it takes an immediate turn in the nose towards lusciousness, broken stem and super-ripe fruit. A ridge of sweet-briar arches through the middle, dragging a peaty-toasty oak influence along. And everywhere, a plush pillow of fruit.

In the mouth, a richness not often seen from this variety. Remember though: it is 30% Cab. Carignan can be made in 2 or 3 different styles, and this one definitely tweaks the *lush ripe style* by injecting a fat chunk of Paso Robles Cabernet into the mix. That addition shows up--I think--especially in the early nose, where complex spice are apparent, and the finish, where the dry bite of solid tannin wipe everything else out.

This is an easy-drinking wine, blended for the best of all worlds and doing a bang-up job at it. Lush, fruity and yummy, while maintaining warmth and concentration, it's kinda a bruiser in disguise.

2017 CIRCLE B VINEYARD Cariñena/Cab 70/30 Estrella District Paso Robles 14.7

Circle the Wagons

by Stephen McConnell


Dark purple with a wide clear edge. Dark-fruit aromas headed tropical--very fleshy in the nose. Banana and divinity, dulce de leche with applesauce and warm, ripe blackberry.

Tiny little mom & pop winery in Paso Robles just gettin going on the commercial side of a wine-label after playing the home-winemaking and grape-growing game for many years. Been following along for many years their progress into the pro-side, and now have a few of them to play with.

In the mouth, considerably more of the angst we associate with good Carignane. Beautiful grainy fruit, tight and rigid while still managing to pack a juicy sweet cherry core. A bit of briar in the nose translates into a HEAP of it mid-palate, but the fruit keeps pace, turning on a spigot of acid along the way. Everything dives perfectly into the finish, piercing the hefty tannins and slowly being monopolized by them. Your last memory is a green-bitter berry, and THAT is how I like to remember a Carignane at this young age.

Full Circle

by Stephen McConnell


Reached back into the Circle B bag of tricks tonight for a little Paso Robles Grenache. Thick and rich, rootbeer and carborundum coming off the nose with a dark stewed berry. Concentrated cherry, glazed jerky and a sharp mineralific streak of acid which pretty much comprises the finish--alongside a little lead shavings and dusty rose. Lovely stuff if you can find it.

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