The Circle B Story… so far

We are Steve and Clara Baker…our story starts with us retiring from our lifelong careers in Construction Management and Police Work; thinking about what we would like to do beyond that, and in developing our possible “cameo careers”. We decided to move out of Southern California and find an area where we could slow down our lives a bit and enjoy each other’s company. We targeted the Paso Robles area, and after searching for two years to find the right property, we found it! We acquired the keys in November of 2011 and moved in on January 3, 2012. The home was gorgeous but the surrounding 5-acres was a blank slate. We decided that a “small” vineyard would add to the overall ambiance and enhance the views.


And of course, our next thoughts were that we should learn how to make wine so that we could better converse with potential buyers of our grapes. So we purchased grapes from vineyards of friends and we made our first wines. Wanting to know how they fared against others, we entered home winemaking competitions and started to win awards! After meeting success, we decided the next logical step would be to apply for our TTB license and turn “pro”. As of 2016, Circle B Vineyards & Cellars went on the market with our first release of the 2013 Petite Sirah, 2013 Syrah and 2015 Rose’ de Garnacha and the rest is history!  We hope you have enjoyed our story.

We planted our first half acre in June of 2012 with 600 head-trained Grenache vines and from there we were off! With another 3 1/2 acres out back still untouched, we made the leap-of-faith to complete the picture; in 2014 we planted Tempranillo, Grenache, Carignane and Tannat vines. We were on our way! We thought that we would sell the majority of our grapes, make a little wine and enjoy the country lifestyle. Boy were we wrong…we definitely “retired and work harder as farmers!" Maintaining 4 acres with 3900 vines on them is a full-time job that requires patience, stamina, science, instinct and more.

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